Welcome to the new blog by the trainers, behaviourists and staff at The Dog House Creche in Driffield. We are a training and behavioural center, dog walkers and offer doggy day care too.

This blog will bring you the best of our knowledge, experiences and mishaps along the way.

We aim to be an informative, but friendly blog space where you can find answers to your day by day questions about your dog.

All training and behaviour is performed with modern, force free methods – no check chains, prong collars or dominance to be found here. We look to science for the best methods to use and make sure we constantly strive to use the most upto date techniques.  That doesn’t mean that we are walk overs, dogs need boundaries but those boundaries don’t need to be forcefully implemented – just as saying no to a child constantly makes them some what immune to the word, the same goes for dogs.

We can’t wait to get started!


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