Figure of 8 leads….

Its been a while since we’ve posted, its been so busy at creche things have got away with us! The blog is soon to be taken over by some of the creche staff who will pop by to introduce themselves soon.

As often mentioned, at The Dog House Creche we are 100% positive reinforcement based training. There are no choke chains, slip leads, harsh corrections etc (why is a different story).

So as you can imagine, I’m rather embarrassed by my daft lurcher who fails to listen to anything I say and tends to walk on lead like some strange breed of kangaroo. Off lead he is fab, on lead he turns into a monster. He is tall and strong so I have a harder time holding him than some of my larger customer dogs, the bouncing is REALLY hard to fight against.

I have tried all of the tools in my tool box. Treats – he ignores them, stop start – it takes an hour to get anywhere and then its usually that we are both so tired I can’t cope. I am the client that I HATE, who gives in, makes do and just ignores the issues. Many trainers are – they train all day and then don’t want to do the same at home!

I’ve tried harnesses, canny collars ( a fab tool but he ended up learning how to slip it regularly), and various lead/harness combos. So I finally gave in and decided to try a figure of 8 lead.

I am VERY vocal in my dislike for anything that tightens on the nose and neck as they often fit wrong and cause injury, so for me to try this is a BIG step. I am sure I would be able to train him another way if I have hours and hours of time to work with him, but sadly I don’t – I need a quick fix. Something that I put my clients off – so I am aware how hypercritical I am being!

The lead arrived and I offered my apologies to Archie, I know he’s going to hate it. But it slipped straight on and he seemed less bothered than I was. The transformation was instant, gone was my kangaroo boy and here was a nice walking greyhound. Sure he tried to get it off the way he does the canny collar, but once he realised he couldn’t he just walked.


I have no intention of keeping him on it for life, however I will say that I was perhaps wrong about figure of 8 leads, the entire walk it was lose and had little tension on it, he just didn’t pull.

But not all figure of 8 leads are the same. If you want one – make sure you purchase the flat ‘padded’ ones, not the slip lead versions. Slip lead figure of 8’s tend to be course woven materials that are made into a tube – tighten it around your hand hard and see how much it hurts, its like rope burn! The flat ones are less harsh – I tried it on myself first so can assure you its not painful!

Good luck!


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